Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tomatoes Staked

The tomato stake idea reached escape velocity and now the idea is a reality. Boy, that took a long time. It's like the good ideas that surround you as you lay in bed around 3AM too tired to take action.

For the record, tomatoes, I'm sorry.

I liked the tomato stakes I saw when I went to Marta Teegan's seminar on tomatoes. As I sat down to do the project, however, I realized I didn't have enough hardware on hand to make the stakes with eye lag screws, wire, and turnbuckles. Rather than take a time sucking trip to the hardware store, I modified my plan rather with what I had available. I simply drilled wood screws into the posts one foot apart. Eric and I put the tree stakes into the ground with the screws facing out and tied twine above each screw.

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