Monday, July 19, 2010

Homemade Photo Album

In June, we ventured to Catalina Island to visit Avalon and Two Harbors. Thanks to two boat rides and an ocean kayaking adventure, the boys now have a deep maritime interest and an obsession with boats. They are not alone. Eric's late maternal grandfather and his wife Dorothy were sailors.

Eric shared stories of Grandpa Jack and Grandma Dorothy, how they had two boats and eventually left their Marina del Rey apartment to live full time on the sea. The boys and I wrote a letter to Grandma Dorothy with questions from the boys about her sailing life. She sent back a letter with wonderful photos of her and Grandpa Jack's own adventures to Two Harbors.

Grandpa Jack with his sailboat Belinda to the left.

We have poured over these wonderful photos. To keep boat-obsessed-often-dirty-small fingers off of the faces of the pictures, I made a simple homemade photo album following Susan Kapuscinsky Gaylord's rubber band and stick tutorial on youtube.

I was inspired by my oldest son's preschool projects to use only the materials I had on hand. Now these images like Grandpa Jack sewing signal flags for Blue Bird can be enjoyed but have a little bit more protection from the hands of young future sailors.

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