Monday, July 26, 2010

Mulch Continued

Last Sunday's el Rio Charter School and TreePeople tree maintenance in Highland Park was a success despite the blistering heat. Fourteen trees were mulched, weeded and watered thanks to the help of a dedicated volunteer crew.

This was the first event I helped coordinate with TreePeople, so I was not sure how much food donations, mulch and water for the crew was necessary. In working with the city of L.A. for mulch, I explained the project and location. They showed up with a truck load. I have now learned, ten trees take about a truckbed and a half of mulch.

We gave some of the mulch away at the TreePeople event to neighbors but still had a large amount left. This Sunday, Eric and I spent the majority of the day working down the pile.

Our dog Moxie approves. Camp Ramshackle will still need mulch after this load is done. Next time, I plan to pursue a local tree trimming service as Jeremy and Rachel from Rancho Garbanzo did.


  1. Mulch looks great! I take it that the city will not just deliver mulch for free otherwise? Didn't realize the trees on Ave 64 were from Tree People. Those are Bauhinia right? The one we planted in our front yard hasn't done so well (don't think we did a good job staking it) and we are thinking of relocating it.

  2. Thanks. I don't think the city delivers for free or even to the public. There is a free-you-pack mulch service, but it's from the green cans. When we first moved into our house, I picked up one and only one load. It wasn't what we were looking for.

    And the trees (Bauhinia blakeana, I believe) on Ave 64 were planted two years ago by North East Trees. But NE Trees only does planting. TreePeople does maintenance provided they have a community liaison. El Rio & TreePeople hope to have another event at Sycamore Grove Park in fall or winter if you and Rachel feel the urge to do a little community that your sewer main is fixed.


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