Friday, August 13, 2010

Annals of Home Improvement: Under Bed Storage

I am a curbside scrounger. In Los Angeles, with such a transient population, lots of people coming in and many leaving to return from whence they came or on to another adventure, invariably, the detritus of things acquired but no longer needed for the journey forward find their way to the curb. I keep a watchful eye for items that might be put to use around Camp Ramshackle.

I have long wanted to improve the storage of our linens under our bed. I've been using a zip up bag acquired along the way, but I don't like it. I looked in shops for new options, but found nothing I liked. So I kept my eye to the curb, looking for that dresser missing drawers or drawers missing dressers. I wanted a solid sturdy wood. After months and months of searching, I still hadn't found it. When I saw these drawers, I realized they weren't ideal, but they would do.

After maturing them outside in the elements, I finally put the task on the top of my list. I added casters to the bottom. I draped a piece of canvas over the top to size the cover.

I typically am a very neat sewer, loving french seams and double hems. Not so with this project. After looking at this drawer draped with canvas for a week, I realized I didn't really care about neatness. It was going to be shoved under bed after all. I wanted it to look decent, but french seams be damned. I was going to knock this one out dirtily. I finished it last night and am pleased with the result.


  1. The casters are a touch of genius! That makes it so much nicer than just shoving the drawer under and dragging it out from under the bed. I am with you on "no French seams" for this project. I even have the casters, so I only need to look for a drawer.

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