Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday Pants

While looking for school clothes for my oldest son, I realized I should just make some. I figured if I could come up with a decent pants pattern, I could make a few pairs that would suit him. My son picked out striped turquoise and grape fabric from Etsuko Furuya's Echino line.

I used the pattern making method I learned at my Machine Project Sewing 102 class. The pattern is inspired by the Mini Boden sailing trousers I purchased earlier in the summer for both the boys.

I have a habit of making patterns too large and these pants were no exception. The proportions, however, came out perfectly. I was easily able to alter the pants so they fit great. I will amend my pattern before I make another pair. In doing so, I hope I'll develop a better sense for making more true to size patterns.

The pants were received with true delight.

And I know I'm his mom and all, but I think he's about the cutest guy on the planet. I love his style along with everything else.


  1. Definitely stylish. Definitely.

  2. Little man does have style, just like his mom.

  3. I'll pass on the kind words to the big little guy. Thanks for the kindness, Phoenix.

  4. Simply adorable! We love him & his style!

  5. Thank you. I'll pass it on to the big guy.

  6. totally cool. he and eleanor would be quite the pair on the playground...right down to the striped socks and shoes!


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