Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Garden Developments

The pomegranates are back. I thought that they might need another month or so to ripen, but an unknown critter left contrary evidence. I found a shredded pomegranate shell in the crotch of the big oak tree and another cracked shell about ten feet from the base of the oak. I picked it up and spied the red ripe fruit sparkling like rubies. I love pomegranates.

Autumn also ends our native plants hibernation. In the summer we let the plants bloom and go to seed. I've started pruning the sage and buckwheat before the fall growth takes off, widening the pathway

to the pomegranates.

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  1. My kids ADORE ADORE ADORE pomegranates. We live in VA so we have to get them at the (ugh) store. Enjoy them for us too! Our climate is so different...we are still picking tomatoes, beans and melons, and will be for another month or so (usually we have frost around Halloween!)No dormancy here.



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