Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homemade Bag for Toting Books

The start of school meant a book bag was in order. I began this project in June as a summer library tote. The bag is library friendly but makes it's debut in September as a school bag.

I made up this pattern as I went along, which I think contributed to the delay. I do much better when I create the entire pattern from the get-go rather than piecemeal design.

To accommodate our summer schedule, I started making the bag outside, which was pretty fun. Looking at this picture reminds me of all the summer activity that circled around my makeshift outdoor studio. I finished it in my claimed trailer.

I made an interior pocket on the lining with two compartments. One just the right size to fit a library card. I can't help but think of a scene from The Mighty Boosh where Vince makes a mirror ball suit for himself and a library suit for Howard. "See this pocket? That's for your library cards. See this pouch? Loose case you got any fines."


  1. So that's what a music hack sounds like....

    Nice bag. Almost looks bike messengerish.

  2. And a pouch, in case you got any fines.

  3. I've never seen this TV show, but holy crap... thats amazing!


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