Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Sewing Projects

Eric took the boys out on Sunday. I took advantage of the quiet to tend to some sewing. I fixed my oldest son's favorite pants by adding two new patches to cover some noxious tears. I believe the holes were acquired while climbing the bottle brush tree, currently my son's favorite climbing tree.

My sister gave me this buckwheat pillow perhaps a decade or so ago. I use it constantly. After years of use, the material started to show signs of age and fray. Buckwheat kernels began to escape from a few tiny holes peppering the bedding with tiny like pebbles.

I adopted a temporary stopgap measure that took on permanent status. I stuffed the leaking buckwheat pillow into a case. As you can see, there is no closure, so the kernels could still empty into the bed if turned the wrong way.

Those days are over. I made a new cover with some linen from etsuko furuya for KOKKA 'tiger on the flower'. It is the dawn of a new era.

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