Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Artichokes Keep Coming

Camp Ramshackle tallies three artichokes returning from dormancy.

They emerge so small. Each time I find one, I let out a yell to notify everyone, so thrilled to see the delicate green leaves peeking out of the brown mulch.

The first plant to return is growing well so far.


  1. You have them coming back.

    I have one that I need how to figure out how and when to put to bed for the winter. I neglected two last year and they both bit the dust...

    I can imagine what a thrill it is to find a returnee!

  2. Yes! these make up for that avocado.
    What I've read about putting them to bed for the winter is to simply cut them off at the ground as they dry up.

    If it freezes where you are you might need to put a heavy layer of mulch on top? Do you have the Sunset Western Garden book? It's a great resource for us West Coasters.

    Good luck!


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