Thursday, October 7, 2010

Camera in the Hands of a Three Year Old

Our camera is available for our children to use. Of course, the camera must be treated with respect and the user must wear the strap around his neck. A decent camera in the hands of young children yields some beautiful photos like one my oldest son took from the top of our property. In between the task of helping make bread, my three year old snapped this series.


  1. kids have such an interesting perspective, don't they?

    that was a very nice picture of your view.

  2. Kids do. When Eric and I got married, we had recyclable cameras at each table. When we developed the film, we were lucky that our then three year old nephew got his hand on many of the cameras. The shots were fantastic. Every adult before the lens was bent down mugging for the camera with joy. The flowers, foliage and minutiae of the environment were captured perfectly. The photos capture elements of the event that a professional photographer never could.


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