Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NWF Federation Be Out There Campaign

Ever since signing up for the Great American Backyard Campout, I've been on the National Wildlife Federation's mailing list. The Be Out There Campaign is a push to let kids have time outdoors. Move beyond getting out there to stay out there.

I was inspired by item #4 in the brief article 6 Ways to Make Nature Second Nature: Impromptu Picnic. I gathered up the boys and headed to a nearby park for a dinner picnic. Nothing fancy. Nor anything too ambitious like a hike in the Arroyo Seco. Just a quick trip to the local park with dinner in hand.

We are all so glad we did. The boys ran like crazy, played on the conventional playground equipment. Found time to draw.

Then ventured beyond and found "The Jungle" and made slides where none existed.

As luck would have it, the Bubble Man, a fixture at a local farmers market, showed up.

As the sky began to darken, I packed up my happy filthy kids, headed home for bath, dessert and a welcomed pillow. I highly recommend impromptu picnics.

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