Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weaponry for an Elf

We have a special friend who lives in Bailey Canyon in Sierra Madre. His name is Stiple. He is an elf who rides a raft that he made of found sticks bound together with a tough stalk of grass. He likes to journey down creeks swollen by rains, which have been plenty lately.

My youngest, still obsessed with all things pirate, decided Stiple could use a cutlass, some swords, a bottle and a cup and saucer. Sculpey was pulled out and these fine pieces were made and fired in the oven.

On a recent hike, my sons and I built a home for Stiple equipped with sticks in the fireplace to warm him after his river run.

This morning, I awoke to see my oldest son and Eric have added to Stiple's Sculpey collection with a torch, a spoon, knife, sack of wheat and a "torch sword that you can use to burn your enemy's cake".


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