Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Annals of Home Improvement: Trailer Hook Up

Plumbing is one of those tasks where I depend on professionals. It seems like it would be so easy to hook one pipe up to the next, but it never works that way for me. I was impressed by Jeremy's work at Rancho Garbanzo where he replaced his house's main line to the city sewage. Nevertheless, the pros dug in to attach the trailer to the main sewage line.

Having the right tool for the a jackhammer to remove the helpful. Prior to this job, we ran a camera down the sewage line to see where we needed to dig. Some people opt for general ballpark digging. We figured it was worth the cost to know exactly where the connection would be made.

By turning the trailer around, the distance to dig was reduced from about 20 feet to about five feet.

Pedro our plumber made quick work attaching the pipes. (The sinister gouge to the left of the pipe occurred about a year ago after some serious rainfall. The trailer fell from the jacks and landed with a crunch. Fortunately, the trailer was unoccupied and no one was hurt. The gouge was the extent of the damage.)

He exchanged the solid pipe for a flexible hose. Although it may be the soundest structure at Camp Ramshackle, it's a trailer and bound to settle. The flexible pipe allows for a bit of movement.

The dirt was replaced on the driveway. Next, we'll need to repair the asphalt.


  1. Nice! Is your main line clay? Did you get a shot of the connection between the trailer lateral and the main line? It's going to be great to have a fully functioning guest house/trailer!

  2. Flex pipe was a really good idea, especially in earthquake country...really good idea.

  3. Excellent idea!! One note, that "gouge" should be sealed. Its a great place for critters to get up into the trailer and they can destroy first the insulation, and then the various lines/connections. Been there, done that!!

  4. Jeremy-the mainline is clay. I didn't get a clear shot of the lateral & the main line. You and Rachel are always welcome to get liquored up here & spend the night rather than roll down the hill & back up again to your home.

    Thanks, Paula.

    morgaineotm, good point. Thanks for the tip.

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