Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Annals of Home Improvement: The Trailer

When the Streamline trailer was hauled to the Ramshackle Compound in 2008, Eric and I discussed the idea of hooking it up to a main sewage pipe to make the bathroom completely functional.

A Main House pending bathroom remodel in our one bathroom home made the trailer sewage hookup a priority. Before we set to cutting the driveway to attach the trailer to the main line, we wanted to change the orientation of the trailer so that the doors opened to the north and faced the house.

Eric and our friend Phoenix pumped up the tires, lowered the trailer and took her out for a short voyage down the street. I had envisioned a mad loop around the neighborhood to turn the trailer around.

Instead, Eric wisely rode down the street, backed it up about 30 feet and drove the beast back in with the hitch facing towards the garage. I don't see how people drive these trailers on vacations. They seem so huge and unwieldy.

And who needs to vacation when you can be right here?


  1. Yay! Camping in the backyard! Airstreams just rock, don't they? My sister and brother-in-law have a '69 which they renovated, and thought they were going to have to park under a bridge and live in when all their real estate investments went splat!

    Good luck with the bath remodel! I hope you guys use concrete board and skip green board. I'm not even sure you can find green board anymore. Look at the Toto dual flush toilet- it's a little more expensive than the American Standard's dual flush, but it's super streamlined to the floor- lots easier to keep tidy. Good luck!!

  2. Paula, thanks for the tip about concrete board & the Toto. We are in the market for upgrades. And easy cleaning...I'm all about that.

    I've noticed while looking for ideas that many of the bathrooms are obviously not cleaned by the people who use them. For instance, the claw foot tub pushed up against a wall. I doubt the owner is on hands and knees trying to clean up the space behind the wall & under the tub.

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