Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mixer Is Back in the Mix

Slothful confession #1. My Kitchen Aid mixer has been broken for over a year. While using the mill attachment to grind tapioca into flour (not an approved grain in the mill instructions), I stripped the gears. Rebelliously, I willfully ground unapproved grains in the mill. And the mill did well for quite some time. But the round tapioca balls proved too much for the machine. With great sadness, I inadvertently rode the nag until she dropped.

I felt guilty for killing the Kitchen Aid and stymied by the prospect of figuring out what was wrong with it. I called upon professionals, not a psychologist who may have been better equipped to deal with the problem, but a certified Kitchen Aid repair shop only to find the cost of repair would be about the same cost of a new mixer.

So I realized I needed to crack the thing open and figure out what was going on. If I destroyed it while surveying the damage, no harm done. It would cost about the same to buy a new one as to repair it.

But I didn't do that. And the mixer sat on my counter eying me as I hand-mixed cookies, pizza dough and bread for over a year. I'm not proud of it. This is a Slothful Confession, after all.

Enter the Pity of Friends. Our friend Phoenix is in town. Unencumbered by guilt of destruction, he broke open the Kitchen Aid waded through the grease and diagnosed the problem.

Two gears were ordered & replaced. Grease was changed. The mixer rides again. Thanks Phoenix.


  1. Oh very cool! I bookmarked your parts site in my how-to bookmark- thanks!

  2. Congrats! I love my family's Kitchen Aid (I'm the third generation to use it; my parents and, decades prior, my grandma bought ones with more whistles & bells.), but haven't used it for bread since I started using this recipe.

  3. Joel, I wish I had a Kitchen Aid in the family. I'm a first generation Kitchen Aid user.

    And, Paula, the site is incredibly helpful with how-to videos.

  4. Very helpful..I wish we had Kitchen Aid too.


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