Monday, November 15, 2010

Oil Lantern Fix

Step aside slothfulness, there is work to be done. We just returned from a trip to Portland OR. Details to follow. I love trips out of town. A new town offers a new perspective. As much as I love departures, I equally love the return. A few days away always makes me see my home in a new light. Projects seem less like an endless list & more like something that just needs a bit of dedicated attention.

The weekend before Portland, I picked up four oil lanterns at a garage sale for $1.50 to add to our collection if three. We use them for patio lights. All were in need of some TLC. Upon returning home, I took to cleaning, replacing wicks as necessary and refilling them with citronella oil.

Four are now back in action. One, a Paull lantern (from the 1920s, I discovered), is awaiting a new globe. The Czech-made Meva 864 & one Dietz Comet #50 need new burners. From my research, the Dietz #50 may be a lost cause. According to (where I bought the new globe for the Paull), Dietz does not make a replacement burner for the #50. I did, however, locate a replacement burner for the Meva 864 from the manufacturer in the Czech Republic. I sent an email of inquiry & hope for the best.

I have not given up on the Dietz. The burner is manufactured without the intention of letting it be opened (unlike the other lamps). But perhaps I might be able to figure something out. Until then, I have four in action with a fifth to join the working lantern posse soon.


  1. If anyone can help you find replacement burners, it's Woody at W.T. Kirkman Lanterns, Inc.

  2. Thanks Drew! I'll keep them for future reference. The lanterns are due a spring clean & update.

  3. Nice score! Wish i could find them at that price!

    I did find a Meva 864 yesterday for $2.99 though. Any idea how old they are? This one is missing the filler cap, so I'll have to create/improvise something unless I can find something with matching threading (it seems different than the common Wal-Mart lantern threading).

    Daniel W.
    centuryhouse at yahoo


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