Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Darkness Settled on Camp Ramshackle

Sorry for the absence. Illness has hit our home...nothing drastic. The flu has been working through our family. And what a resilient illness it is. It feels like our family has been sick for a month, moving from not-feeling-well to confined-to-bedrest kind of illness.

Yesterday, I was in bed for most of the day. Not to jinx us, but I think we're on the road from misery to happiness. Despite being laid low, I got some baking done over the weekend (before being struck down Monday night) and some acorn gathering for my mom who volunteers at the Simi Valley Historical Society & hosts children's Chumash tours. The kids get to grind acorns. The SV Historical Society's acorn supply was decimated by a mold. Fortunately, one of our local parks has a huge harvest of acorns.


  1. What do they do with the acorn flour after they grind them?

  2. Thanks, Paula.

    Zev, they do a very rough grind with the caps on. They don't shell the acorn or anything. So they simply experience the thrill of using a mortar and pestle. By the way, I liked your post on sharpening a chain saw on your blog. Very helpful. I ruefully admit that my better half is the primary chain saw sharpener in the house. But I might just follow your tutorial & sharpen the chain saw as a valentine's day present. I think it would be welcomed with a grin.


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