Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ramshackle Runs Amok in Portland, OR: Part II

In addition to visiting the Spruce Goose just outside of Portland, Eric and I were interested in checking out the Ace Hotel. The Ace Hotel has four hotels with interiors designed by up and coming designers using affordable materials. We decided a trip up north could get us out of L.A. for a bit, unite us with the H-4 Hercules a.k.a. Spruce Goose and allow us a glimpse of the Ace Hotel in Portland.

The public lobby spaces were great places to hang out and people watch. Adjoining the lobby on the west: Stumptown Coffee; on the east, fine eats: Clyde Common.

Downstairs a genuine film-photo booth processed photos in under four minutes. In our room, we enjoyed a turntable with a private dance geek out to Herbie Hancock's Rockit (to my knowledge, the children's first listen. It was memorable. The video, however, will remain private for the kids to share at their discretion.)

The stairwell.

Sleeping kids under a diagram of a flip turn.


  1. Portland sports a few fun boutique hotels- I'm glad you were able to stay at one of them. When I was working, the Ace was a fave with guests of the studio.

  2. Hi Julia- I wanted to read your post on Powell's but Blogger is saying the page doesn't exist. I've tried twice and I can't imagine what went wrong. I can see you other posts, though.


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