Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ramshackle Runs Amok in Portland, OR: Part III

There is much to love about Portland. Fine food is always at the top of my list. We ate at Dove Vivi, a cornmeal crust cousin to the delicious Zelo pizza in Arcadia. The owners of Dove Vivi worked at Zelo before moving to Portland. Zelo's Mike Freeman helped them set up Dove Vivi. Yummy fare with homemade pickled vegetables as well as the signature delectable cornmeal crust pizza.

Dove Vivi is adjacent to a laundromat and has overcome the architecture of the mini strip mall where it resides by removing the acoustic ceiling tiles. The interior is simple and pleasant.

Food carts are all the rage in Portland. We did not eat at the Kabob Hut, but I fell in love with the hand painted sign and red plastic tire cover.

My youngest worked on sculptures in a public square.

We all took part in some steam window drawings.

My oldest caught the sun with his "suncatcher" (which I imagine right now in Portland is in great demand). We were graced with sun every day (rain too, but that is to be expected). We spent a great deal of time at Powell's Books, a short walk away from the Ace Hotel. I understand the allure of Portland. It's a beautiful place with water all around. The public transportation system is so easy and goes everywhere. The food is fantastic. And the people are interesting. Did I mention the food is top notch? Alluring, indeed.

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  1. We'll move there with you, Julia! My SIL moved there a few years ago and it's been pulling on us since then.


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