Monday, February 21, 2011

Found Bushtit Nest

The boys and I ventured to Garfield Park in South Pasadena. The conventional playground equipment wasn't as compelling at "The Jungle", an older stone amphitheater a few steps north of the playground. We made our way to "The Jungle" where rains had made a wonderful lake around a picnic table. My oldest made a bridge with found pieces of palm tree fronds from land to table. A group of kids joined in the play and the bridge was widened.

While the kids were playing, I found this bushtit nest on the ground. The intricate beauty of this carefully woven nest takes my breath away. What an exquisite home.


  1. It's lovely. So glad the kids preferred a puddle to a playground.
    I found a tiny hummingbird nest a few years back. I keep it in a box, on a little tuffet of velvet. Such a treasure.

  2. Something about nests. There is such beauty in closely observing a bird's home. I think of each string, straw and hair collected in a tiny beak and carefully woven to hold and hatch eggs. I imagine your found hummingbird's nest so delicate and tiny but still once home to a family.

  3. Did you keep the nest, and did you try to preserve it in anyway? I just rescued a bushtit nest that I've been watching for several weeks. I think the birds were done with it, the top had caved in and it was about to fall. Amazing and beautiful little structure.

  4. Deborah, the nest rests on our mantle currently. I would like to build a reliquary for it. I still regard it with the same wonder when I first chanced to find it.


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