Monday, February 14, 2011

Gorgeous and Dangerous

I found this black widow behind our love seat in the living room early morning. I had cleaned around the area the afternoon previous to the discovery.

In the few hours between cleaning and discovery, this dangerous beauty had spun a sticky thick strong web covering half the back of the couch and the wall behind it. The spider was nestled under the lip of the window...beautiful but unsuited to live inside our house. I felt a deep respect for her as Eric and I removed her from our home.


  1. We had black widows all over the place back home. I agree that they're quite pretty. I never found one in the house though. Yikes! Glad you were able to relocate her. :)

  2. Oh you're much kinder than I am. Black widows and Brown Recluses I smush without thinking or hesitation. Everybody else gets relocated outdoors, via the drinking glass and paper method.

    I'm glad you found her before one of the boys did.

  3. To be clear: this beautiful widow suffered a similar fate at our hands. Our policy is to kill the black widows. I didn't want to kill her in the house because she seemed like she deserved a better death. We have many black widows at Camp Ramshackle, although this is the first one I found in the house. Brown widows are more fortunate arachnids around here. When found they are relocated outside.

  4. Hi, new to your blog (over from Root Simple). Wow, I was under the impression black widows were much smaller. My heart skipped a beat looking at those photos. Thanks for the info. - Damian


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