Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Battle in the Aphid War

Ramshackle reader morgaineotm had some great aphid abatement advice:
Basil. Mrs.Meyers Basil Soap specifically. VERY diluted. Has helped just about all my plants that have been inundated with insects.
My youngest son and I rolled out a diluted Basil Soap attack. Next step in the ongoing war, I will follow EarthShaper's great advice:
I had the exact same problem two years ago with my artichoke plant. They all left. What I did last year was to actualize a pre-emptive plan. First I planted flowers the lady bugs would like. Look up insectiary plants. Then I went to my nearest nursery and bought me some ladies...Flashing forward a while later, I started becoming alarmed at the amount of lady bugs (and their larva) in the garden. This year I have the same plan, except I will try to keep flowers around longer and see what else I can attract.
Thanks for the tips.


  1. Ok, Going to try this RIGHT NOW. The aphids are killing the hell out of our peach tree. I may invest in an anteater to take out the farmers...

  2. Tarik, the basil soap was very effective. The ladybugs weren't so effective. And building an insectiary for ladybugs isn't so easy. They tend to migrate to the Sierras in CA where ladybug collectors will scoop them off the blanketed ground, stick them in a cup and sell them. I was unable to find a good source on how to attract them to your home. My best guess is to move your home to the high Sierras & then you'll be thick with ladybugs.

    In the meantime before you levitate your home to the high Sierras with peach tree in tow, try the basil soap. Good luck!


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