Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Return of the Moth

A glance around my yard shows many signs of spring, from the leafy artichoke bushes (only two lost to the Fantastic Mr. Gopher) to the new growth on the native plants and weeds. The overwhelming color is green with spots of purple sage and yellow sunflower just starting to blossom. I watched bees preening the tiny pale blue ceanothus blossoms, their back legs laden with pollen glowing bright yellow.

A more subtle spring return has been the return of moths. As I stepped up the front porch steps in the afternoon a fluttering movement caught my eye. I spied a cloudy apparition in an open lantern globe. I peeked through the top and spied a pale hairy headed moth. Although the globe had about a three inch opening, the moth was trapped, unable to could gain enough altitude to exit.

I took the time to observe and snap these shots. My son peeked too, then lifted the globe to release the moth.


  1. I love your close attention to the insects and other little critters around you. Are you familiar with Daniel Marlos just came out with a book called The Curious World of Bugs. It's quite fun reading, especially with kids.

  2. Thank you for finding and posting a little bit of the world's beauty, which is all around us, and which I don't always see.

  3. Thanks for the kind words.

    Kitchen Mama, I love I had not heard of The Curious World of Bugs. I will definitely check that out.

    Paula, I suspect there is a small critter in your yard beckoning you for your attention to share a bit of it's beauty.


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