Thursday, March 17, 2011

Verdict on the Lemon Preserves

In late January, I made some lemon preserves with lemons harvested from our tree. I let them sit for a few weeks and popped one jar open.

The verdict: d e l i c i o u s

Tangy with a salty kick. A little goes a long way and I think I've already gone through two cups. I love taking a quarter wedge of lemon, slicing it thinly and putting it on beans and rice. I also like adding a small portion of diced preserves on my salad. I made two quart jars. One plain lemons and salt, the other lemons, salt and spices. I've only opened the jar of plain salt and lemons. I look forward to opening the jar with spices after this one is empty.

I followed Hunter Angler Gardener Cook's recipe. In the future, I think I would use a trifle less salt.

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  1. If you can look for it at your lIbrary, Sophie Grigson has a recipe for preserved lemons in Sunshine Food, which is a book on all kinds of cooking from the Mediterranean.

    I'm glad they turned out!


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