Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weed Whack Awakening

I woke in the morning with a bee in my bonnet after realizing I didn't even like being around the area with our raised garden beds because it was too hard to reach. With spring hitting, the fast growing weeds between the garden gate and beds towered over two feet high, making a 30 foot walk a tough slog.

I heard an Echo. After I dropped my youngest son off at school, I headed back home with a myopic focus on reclaiming by lower garden (the middle garden is heavily mulched. Weeds still flourish but not to the degree of the lower yard. I haven't mulched the lower yard beyond the oak leaves because I'm soft on the naturalized nasturtium that spills over the area. That may change.). I powered up the Echo and felt an unexpected camaraderie with my fellow weed whackers humming in the distance coupled with a strong desire to curse.

In a hour an a half, I made a decent dent in whacking and now happily stroll without impediment to my planter beds. All the better for watering the freshly planted sorrel and arugula transplants.

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  1. Ugh. You're making me think of the weeds in my backyard, which are not as tall as your were, but they're still a pain. Except that we have rain forecast for the next ten days, at minimum.

    That looks like a lot of green stuff for your compost pile!


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