Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine

The anticipated poppy orange has gloriously arrived.


  1. Maybe it's because I'm a native Californian, but I really love what I grew with knowing as the California Poppy. It's like the perfect shade of orange.

  2. I'm with you, Paula. It really is the most gorgeous shade with so much dark yellow. It's practically luminescent.

  3. Julia,
    One of the biggest things I miss about california.
    I am on year 7 of trying to grow these here in the high desert in NM. A few neighbors have them, so I have been stealing (with permission) seeds and trying different varieties from the stores all with no blooms yet. I know it is possible, I just need to get the right conditions. I think it is a combo of finding the right spot in the yard and the right seeds. They grew like beautiful weeds when I lived in oakland/berkeley. This year we tried the sowing way before the last frost (3/15) as the post frost growing season is 6/1-9/15 or so here and just is not long enough. We have a few seedlings popped up that have made it through a number of mid twenties nights, so I think we may be in business this year. I am also trying to start some indoors in compostable pots that will be transplanted in May hopefully not disturbing the taproot. I will let you know!

  4. Tarik, what a great story. An epic quest. I'm rooting for your seedlings & hope that beautiful orange greets you soon. I look forward to hearing what happens.


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