Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Progress: Claiming the Garage

When we took hold of the title to what has become Camp Ramshackle a mere nine years ago, an ample amount of boxes filled with items from our previous home went straight into our garage. Our items also joined a colony of things left by the previous owners. Eric and I have both worked at various times to deal with the garage. Admittedly, it has been in fits and starts.

Something caught hold of me as of late and I have been steadily working on the garage. I am reminded of my work finally straightening out a storage space in our small home when my youngest still had chubby legs.

Entering the world of the garage is a mixed bag. Some parts of the excavation/reclamation have gone smoothly. But parts of the garage are like a time capsule. Going through the amassed items, paper work and art is almost like psychoanalysis with a specter of who you were then through the lens of who you are now. Sobering.

The job is large, so I've adopted the rhythm of working on it every day for about 20 minutes. The interesting transformation since I've been in the garage so much is that I have fallen deeply in love with my garage...not for what it will be when it is all organized...but for what it is right now. My garage is a great place. I'm looking forward to getting in there today and making more headway. I imagine once I get it all cleaned up, I might just be in there all the time.


  1. I love cleaning, getting rid of stuff, and organizing what's left. I'm not sure I could limit myself to 20 minutes (but then I don't have two children either). Enjoy!

  2. Ah! The time capsule effect. I hate that. I wonder when I'll look back on the stuff I did at any given time and finally start liking what I was doing then...Maybe now is that time for me. I hope so.

    I think it's neat that you're in love with your garage. I can't say that I love mine, but I sure spend an awful lot of time in it. Most of my homesteading gestates in my garage. And it too needs cleaning. Again.

  3. not to mention the time I dealt with the garage ;-)

  4. No kidding! You've done some heroic work in the garage, Phoenix. Thank you.


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