Monday, April 18, 2011

Pedal Power

Last year around this time, I took some cargo bike test drives at the Flying Pigeon in northeast L.A. I would love to get a bakfiet. I've allowed myself a year of dreaming (and will continue to do so). In the interim, my youngest son and I decided to get a kid bike seat.

The kind folks at the Flying Pigeon got us suited up with a Yepp seat in my son's color choice. I will continue to dream about owning a bakfiet. In the meantime, you can find us on the road now.

Eric and my oldest son ventured out to test our new set up too. The Yepp seat is kid tested. Parent approved.

When my youngest son and I ventured into the store on Saturday, we were the fourth kid/parent team in line to pick up a kid bike seat. Will you be the next?


  1. It looks fantastic. Gotta add how much we love our Mundo. But with the kids bigger they are happiest with their own wheels. It can still haul supplies like nobody's business. Happy Spring Ramshackles :)

  2. My son (4.5 years old and 45ish pounds) outgrew his bike seat that I bought two years ago. Don't know how I'm going to get him around (on my bike) without spending an arm and a leg on a trailer-type system that he'll just outgrow in another year, anyhow. It looks like that Yepp seat should stick with you all for quite a few years, though, so that's great!

  3. My husband has two kids on his bike and next year will be adding a third! He has a Gary Fisher mountain bike that he added a "longtail" extension. Right now he has one kid (4.5 years old) in back of him in a peapod bike seat and another in front of him in an ibert seat (2 years old). Next year he'll put the new baby in the ibert seat (once he/she is 6 months or older) and there is room in the back for two bike seats for the older two. Craziness! He commutes to daycare/work with the boys and all their and his stuff on the bike and it is quite an impressive sight. And the ride home is uphill!

  4. Tracy, what fun for a family bike ride. My boys are more interested in scootering these days. I'm thinking the bike seat might spark more pedal interest.

    Sydnii, have you seen the trail-a-bike options? Maybe it might be an option for you and your son. I know they are often at yard sales in L.A. And I usually find them on Craigslist.

    Gina, your husband sounds like a bike hero. I bet you he can pedal & tip a sippy cup like nobody's business. Much respect.

  5. We just bought a bakfiets (plural is bakfietsen, FYI) and we're loving it! The 7.5k trip to school is done by bike now, and so are grocery runs and other errands. Well worth getting!


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