Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Big Box

Fortune smiled upon us while we were on a run to Figueroa Produce. We stumbled upon a man recycling a giant box. I asked him if I could have it. We tried to put in the back of my car, but it was ridiculously large for my car. Instead of collapsing the box and cramming it in, he generously offered to drive it over to our house.

Big box + kids = Fun.

I love the joy and creativity found in a simple big box.


  1. This brings back many memories.

    Big Boxes are so ubiquitous with the best of childhood times, you'd think someone would be marketing them for just that purpose!

  2. There used to be an appliance store near my house growing up. I had a never ending supply of boxes that I built into space ships, submarines etc. Boxes on there own are fun but with an old steak knife for a saw and a roll of cheap masking tape... you can build empires!


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