Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fair Weather Pants

As a very busy two weeks comes to a tenacious close, I am pleased to have claimed an easy hour to transform an old tablecloth into...

...fair weather pants. Best worn heavily and with stains. Fabric chosen from my stash by my three year old. I love his bold style.


  1. Wonderful fabric! Very Sound of Music, especially with a bit of tree climbing thrown in. :)

  2. Thanks, Rae. It did feel very family Von Trapp making these pants. When I asked my oldest if he wanted a pair of pants, he said, no thank you. When I said he could use different fabric, he changed his mind.

  3. Hey Julia,
    Those look awesome. Where do you find the time?



  4. I wish I grew up in clothes that my Mom didn't care about. I was always wrecking stuff.

    I could have used a pair (or two or three) of fair weather pants....


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