Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Owl Bird Control

Each year around mother's day, a sparrow family starts making a nest in the tent. Often, they are successful despite our best attempts to block the entrance of the tent and make the location inhospitable.

As the birds began to craft yet another nest this year, Eric resorted to his art degree for some bird control measures.

Eric used a recycled cereal box for the body and head and some scraps to make the eyes and nose. He drew the body using markers.

The owl now hangs menacingly in the tent. If you were a sparrow, you'd be shaking with fear. Actually, after Eric hung it, I watched the sparrows enter the tent without demonstrating the proper fear and trepidation. I went back and tried to remove hospitable nest making areas. For all I know, the sparrows may be back right now with a nest of cuties.


  1. Sparrows are pretty amazing little creatures. I once had the bag to my electric leaf blower hanging up in the garage; it has a round plastic collar where it attaches to the blower. While the garage door was open and I wasn't paying attention, a sparrow started building a nest in the round plastic aperture! I had to shake out the straws and sticks and find another place to keep the bag, because inside the garage is not the place to try to nest. This year, we've discovered that mason bees have laid eggs and plugged up the little holes in the very same electric leaf blower. I knew that the electric leaf blower would be better for the environment than a gas one, but never have I seen a piece of equipment be of so much help to wildlife!

    I wonder if just a mousetrap would do the job? Maybe they'd trip it with a stick and be scared enough that they don't come back. Of course, I'd feel awful if they got trapped in it. But maybe a scare-trap rigged to startle them would make them leave off the place.

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