Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celebrating Summer with Ganache

Today was the first week day where we did not have to suit up for school. My oldest son's school ended on Friday. He woke up gleeful about the possibilities of "taking it easy". To celebrate, I baked some gluten free cupcakes (admittedly from a box) then topped them with dairy free dark chocolate ganache. The ganache is fantastic.

Typically ganache is made with heavy cream. I used coconut milk instead with delicious results. A foodie friend gave me the hot tip to use coconut milk. I used a Sirius dark chocolate bar with 56% cacao.

The skeletal recipe:
equal parts coconut milk and dark chocolate bar

Coarsely cut the chocolate and place in mixing bowl. Heat the coconut milk over medium flame until it begins to steam. Pour coconut milk over the chocolate and stir until creamy. Spoon ganache over confection of choice.

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