Thursday, June 23, 2011

From the Hive

Last hive inspection, we were surprised the bees had produced very little honey. The tide has turned. I'm delighted to see that the bees I've seen all over my garden have been busy making honey. Eric harvested some honey and did a bit of rearranging inside the hive to make more room for the bees. As always, the honey is delicious.


  1. I hope I get some honey this year. So far, all the bees seem to be making is more bees! But the honey flow hasn't started yet up here in the Portland area as it's been too cold and wet. Sometimes they're able to get out and then watch out! I sure hope they're leaving room for honey comb in there....

    Your honey looks great! I'd be happy with just one of those small jars, and would consider myself lucky to get that out of my hive.

  2. Nothing could more pleasing than raw honey from naturally managed bees.

  3. That is so awesome. Bees are definitely in our future.


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