Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Rabbit Down

The rancid smell of death increased as the temperature rose. "I think something's dead around here," Eric said. I pushed back the curtain in our bedroom and saw the rabbit carrion causing the stink.

Our home is near a very large field where many cottontail rabbits live. As of late they've even migrated to our yard. A few weeks ago, one scampered out of the bushes as my kids and friends climbed to the top of our property. However, the cottontail is a tasty treat to the red tail hawks that nest in the eucalyptus and tall pine trees about a quarter mile opposite each other. We often watch the hawks soar from the eucalyptus to the pine in the evening. Throughout the day, they circle overhead in search of food. This rabbit appears to have suffered the same red tail hawk fate as the rabbit whose head we found three years ago.

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