Friday, July 8, 2011

Wooden Marble Maze

To celebrate the start of summer, I like to introduce a new toy for play. This year...enter the marble maze. I picked this up from Back to Basics Toys. I have long since had a geeky affinity for marble maze games and toys. I nearly burst with delight when my sons started to show interest themselves. This summer, the toy decision was easy.

For inspiration, we have delved youtube for inspiration including Marble Machine 3. Forgive the video production, if you can stick out the narrative and slow unfold, I suspect you will be delighted by the wonders of the creation. It keeps these kids (and me) aware that much more is possible if you dream it & then make it.

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  1. We picked up this set for use with the kids when we worked renaissance fairs. The phrase "hours of fun" doesn't do the toy justice. Its years of fun. Possibly generations of fun as wooden toys tend to be passed down.


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