Friday, August 19, 2011

Alaskan Driftwood Scavenging

Within minutes of our arrival to Pennock Island across the Narrows of Ketchikan, my eight year old nephew eagerly set out with as many compatriots as he could corral together on an expedition to scavenge driftwood for a bonfire. He is captain of his own scavenged ship, The Log.

As I understand it, The Log was obtained through salvage rights after it was found floating past my nephew's house partially submerged in water. He cajoled my brother (his dad) into helping him retrieve the boat. My brother worried it was another project that would add time to the ever growing list of projects. However, The Log is sturdy. Pulled from the water, she was righted & in action ever since. The seaworthy vessel brings freedom of discovery to an eight year old captain and his crew. The Log just may be my nephew's greatest childhood acquisition.

The Log helps make bonfires like this possible. All the wood used was harvested using The Log, gathered by an eight year old, six year old, five year old & three year old. No adult collected wood.

In between roasting hot dogs, seaweed and marshmallows, we walked down to the shoreline to observe this fine purple starfish.

Driftwood fires are smokey. The AK Posey's have adopted tools, namely goggles, for dealing with the smoke.

Thank you to Clark, Katy, our beautiful nieces and nephew for the spectacular time.


  1. oh man. that sounds just awesome. this post reminds me of my older sister and brother sucking on opposite ends of a piece of driftwood that we had in the backyard. It got wet and they discovered it was tasty.

    it also reminds me of glorious camping trips as a kid. I honestly think the best time you can show a kid is camping. I miss it.

  2. Wow! I am jealous of young captain! Great stuff.

  3. wow! that's awesome. what a place to grow up. glad to see you made it up there with the boys. Did everyone go?

  4. Everyone went up to AK. It was wonderful. O is ready to move right now. He's got AK fever. Really, who wouldn't after this kind of adventure?


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