Saturday, August 13, 2011

Handmade Silk Thread

Here's a pic of the silk thread I made from our own home raised silk worms. I boiled two cocoons for about 5 min. after the moths emerged and stretched out the silk so that it looked like what is showing in my hand. As I metered out the fluff I twisted it and wrapped it onto the half of a cork. I wanted to try to add another cocoon to see if I could make the thread continuous. It worked pretty well. I ended up with two yards of thread and it took about 2 hours to do.


  1. Thanks, Paula, but it's all Eric making the thread.

  2. Should have recognized the man-hands!

  3. You need a drop spindle! A small, lightweight one (you can make them with a dowel rod and a wooden toy wheel and a little cup hook into the dowel rod). A spindle works faster/easier - you hook it into your fiber, give it a twist off your leg and let it spin the fiber for you as you pull it apart to make thread. Makes the whole thing faster and you'll get a lot more yardage once you get the hang of it!


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