Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Humpback Whales from our Alaska Trip

We saw this whale bubble feeding while on our way to the Alaska Posey's favorite beach. Although I wasn't able to catch it with it's mouth out of the water this is still a pretty cool view of it diving after the fact. I have had a great month for viewing sea mammals up close.

Julia here to add a bit to Eric's post. A day or so later, my sister-in-law, her friend Becca, Becca's lovely mother Nancy, my kids, Becca's kids, a nephew and I followed a humpback down the Narrows between Ketchikan and Pennock Island. We were treated to a beautiful sunset and some spectacular whale watching with a vantage point so close, we could see into the whale's mouth as it burst through the surface, mouth wide open to swallow the rewards of bubble feeding.

the circle of bubbles forms

the humpback emerges mouth wide open

the whale's mouth snaps shut & retreats into the water

another dive & the bubble feeding starts again.


  1. way cool. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. oh gosh! that's better than spotting otters or beavers!


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