Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Refillable Pen and Ink

Noodler's Ink & promotional pen

I love a good pen. Long, long ago in a job a million mind-miles away from where I am now, my former boss gifted each of her reports, me being one of them, a nice pen. A Tombo rollerball. Through her gift, I learned I liked nice pens.

I used that pen daily until, like an expensive pair of sunglasses, I lost it...where? I do not know. What I do know is I had become accustomed to writing with a good pen and removed myself from the irritating waste of disposable pens. I realized that one good pen was all I really needed. I replaced the pen with another Tombo rollerball that I used for nine years before losing that one. I hope whoever found it loves it as much as I did.

As I had become particularly attached to that pen, I found it difficult to replace. The style I used was no longer made, and I didn't particularly like the "upgrade" model. My replacement search would be in fits and starts. I didn't buy disposable pens, I merely used the flotsam that floated my way.

fountain pen nib

Until one day, I was incredibly moved by a post on The Tangled Nest to join the fountain pen revolution. With myopic clarity, I sent out on my quest to find a fountain pen. I went to Vroman's fine writing store and made the ill-fated choice to buy a Pilot Knight fountain pen. My hesitation was allayed by the one-year money back guarantee from Pilot pens (don't believe it...but that's another story). I sent my pen back to Pilot when I realized it really wasn't up to snuff and headed back to Vroman's (thinking then that my Pilot pen was guaranteed for a year and I'd be reimbursed for the faulty merchandise...silly me. I just believed what Pilot pens wrote in their paper work that accompanied their product) to find a new pen.

rollerball nib

Am I glad I gave fountain pens a second chance. I ended up buying the Noodler's Ink promotional pen that is included with a bottle of ink after spying a Vroman's clerk writing with one. The pen comes with a fountain pen tip nib (that I prefer) and a roller ball with a hand made ebonite feed. I paid $24 for 4.5 ounces of ink and the pen came with it. Eric liked it so much that I got one for him too.

A great investment. Unlike my former beloved Tombo pen, my Noodler's Ink promotional pen doesn't use ink cartridges. You simply use a dropper to fill the ink. Waste be damned. I'm hoping that I'm going to break my nine year record with this pen. I'm hoping to double it or more.


  1. Welcome to the fountain pen family!! My most recent purchase was a Cross, but it requires cartridges. Do have a waterman (somewhere) that has the pump to refill the bladder. Also have some modern style quill pens. These are beautifully decorated feathers with a nib attached. Sturdier than just using a quill and can be made for different nib styles, fine, medium, bold, or even calligraphy.

  2. This is a very tempting post! I also hate disposables and had long wavered about buying a fountain pen--but then I read that Tangled Nest post, too, and it pushed me over the edge. I opened my wallet and bought me a fancy pen. But the problem I have so far is that it is so fancy it sort of intimidating.

    I think I would be more comfortable with a plastic model like this one for day to day use, carrying in my bag, etc. In college I used a plastic Art Pen refillable fountain pen for everything from sketching to note taking and loved it. But I was an art student so I must admit that the pen--and my black stained fingers-- were a bit of a pose!

    And Noodler's *is* nice ink. Good colors.

  3. So, Ms. Julia, between your sewing and your husband's penchant for crafting thing out of bits of logs and twigs, I'm sure the two of you could come up with some sort of crafty pen pouch that you wear around your neck. It could hold a wee bit of hand crafted paper too.....

  4. morgaineotm, thank you for the warm welcome. Your quill pens sound fun too. I need to get back to a quill project with my sons. The first pass was quite a disaster, but I'm game to try again.

    Mrs. Homegrown, the Noodler's promo pen is not so precious that you need to get an insurance policy for it AND it doesn't leak...so no ink stain fingers. And I think you would make a striking figure with or with out the pen, so strike no pose...merely write.

    Paula, your idea sounds pretty cute. Right now, I keep the pen on the table of art supplies within reaching distance of the dining table or in my bag which seems to accompany me everywhere...with some color pencils, some sort of snack and lip balm. No diapers and spare change of clothes anymore, but the bag is always stocked like Felix's bag of tricks.


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