Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sidewalk Score

We always keep our eyes peeled on the side of the road around our neighborhood for free stuff people are discarding. When someone has something that they think is worth keeping but that they no longer have a use for they put it out on the curb near but not in the trash.

Such was the case with this small haul of quality items: 3 Ikea boxes, a plate with a stylish map of Manhattan and a cross section slice of a log.

You may be surprised to hear that the log is the best of the score because it perfectly fits beneath the bell-jar I keep my Shiitake log under. The log is not pictured here because it was being soaked in ice water. The extra cool thing about the log slice is that it has a split which I expect will act as a perfect vent to let in air.

Not sure what we'll do with the Manhattan plate but it's in great condition and quirky enough to be at home in our place. I think it's kind of the stray dog principle applied to a plates: the right ones seem to find you.


  1. I have certainly never, ever called Kevin on my way to work whilst he was still in bed to tell him that he needed to run and grab a piece of long coveted sculpture from our neighbor's trash can before the garbage trucks came. I would never do something like that. And, for the record, because I would never do such a thing, Kevin did not hurt his back too badly carrying that amazing heavy, but small, piece back to our house.

  2. Could you hang the plate up for a bit of decorative kitsch?


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