Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Plumbing: Fixing the Trailer Drain

The drain in our trailer slowed to a stop and was dripping out the bottom after our most recent guests departed (not so recently). It's been on my list for that whole time but hasn't made it to the top until our friend Phoenix called and said he'd be passing through L.A.

Plumbing is not my forte but this project went very well; I was able to fix the problem with a spare part we had on hand and only had to buy a single rubber washer and a drain snake (a missing staple of the tool box which we have needed in the past). In the picture above you can see the removed piece that was leaking. It had been patched with some kind of goo that was no longer holding.

We had a rubber boot like thing that I had bought for another project where professionals were ultimately called in to save the day. You can see it in the top of the picture (taken by our 4 year old son) on the stump where I cut the two pieces of plastic pipe apart with a hacksaw.

I guess the original idea was that the white pipe would fit into the black one and it would just drain down which probably worked fine until the pipe backed up. Then they needed put the goo patch on.

Once the pipes were cut apart I had to knock the remaining end of the black pipe off the white one with a hammer. Then I used a hatchet to scrape te rest of the goo off the pipes so they were smooth.

Here it is reassembled. Once I snaked out the drain a few times it almost worked but then I found that the connection at the bottom of the shower needed to be cleaned and have a new gasket installed.

click to enlarge if you dare!

While I was under the trailer reaching up into the very cramped space trying to wrench the pipes back on wihout cutting my arms on the sheetmetal, I had the exciting experience of this mummified squirel dropping out on me. It was straight out of a horror film. My best guess is that the area under the tub had been left open for long enough for it to make a home in there and then was closed up with the poor critter still inside.

Now it's back to the nightstands.


  1. Man there is just no end to the yucky things you photographed!

  2. Wow, that's quite a fang on that thing. We've found a number of 'possum mummies under our house over the years---quite fascinating. Our first find was about 35 years ago---a mummified rat, very large, in with the old hot water heater we were ripping out. We named him Bernard, and I think he is still stashed in the back of a cupboard somewhere. Yeah, we homesteaders are a weird bunch, huh?

  3. Is it wrong that I want my own mummified squirrel?

  4. @Paula. Plumbing work lends itself to gross photography, it seems.

    @Sue, maybe Bernard can go on exhibit. Our squirrel was interned.

    @jengod, yes, it is wrong that you want your own mummified squirrel ;o). But maybe you can negotiate with Sue with for Bernard? I don't know if the acquisition of his remains are open for negotiation. You'll have to work your ample charm to swing that one. Had I known, jengod, that you were interested, I would have sent the squirrel (r.i.p.) to you. In the unlikely event another mummified squirrel drops from the trailer, it's all yours.

  5. This horrified me and made me laugh out loud at my desk. I would have had a heart attack if I'd come across that thing. Very good spooky Halloween story (and visual)! :)

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