Friday, October 14, 2011

Refashioned Purse

When I scored my silk tri-tie thrifting about a month ago, I also picked up a dollar purse. I hemmed & hawed before purchasing. I don't like having a lot of stuff even when the price is enticing, so I tend to ponder my acquisitions. I finally went with it because the leather was quite lovely. Very soft and made in Italy. I figured if I didn't use the purse, I could reuse the leather for other projects.

Although the leather was nice, the lining in the bag was uninspired: a ripstop nylon with one small zippered pocket. I took that out, used it as a pattern for a cotton print lining and added multiple pockets for a pen and pencil, billfold, bamboo utensils and other mobile gadgetry.

Some projects come together easily. Some don't. This project was a surprising snap. I surprised myself with how easily it reassembled. I even did some no-pin-punk rock sewing which often ends in regret and a seam ripper. The sewing angels smiled kindly on this project...and I minded my language.


  1. Beautiful! I love the bright colors! Did you sew into the leather to re-install the lining? By hand or with a machine?

  2. That's a good looking purse, and well worth the effort- glad it paid off for you!

  3. Thank you for the kind words. I machine stitched into the leather to re-install the lining. The leather is super soft. I don't think my machine could have handled a thicker leather.


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