Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Cart Resuscitation

The NPR affiliate station I worked for (prior to my mombatical) was located under a community college library. Each day, I would pass by double swinging doors where library carts would rest before being launched back into service transporting books back to shelves. As I was leaving one day, I found an oak library cart cast aside for the more modern and maneuverable aluminum carts. I asked if I could have the cart. With a yes from a questionable granting authority, I quickly wheeled the cart to my car and threw it inside. What is a public radio geek but a dorkier cousin to the librarian? I was thrilled with my book toting acquisition. The cart, hands down, is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.

But like any librarian, my cart has seen some hard and fast times and weathered some water stains from errant cups left to flounder coasterless on it's delicate wooden surface. My cart sat bedside until Eric's nightstands pushed it back into the living room. I decided to show some love and fix the water stains. I read up on some remedies to use mayonnaise to pull out the water rings. Reason departed and I foolishly tried the remedy. Witness the dark oil stain of my folly in the picture above.

I pulled out a sander and tried to eradicate the oil stain. I found an old can of half full Restor-A-finish that I used on the cart. The cart cleaned up beautifully. Now it holds court next to the dining table. I love it as much as the day we ran away together.


  1. It looks gorgeous. I tried that mayo trick too and had no luck. I ended up getting the water mark out with a hot iron over a tee-shirt.

  2. I love how this post is like a little love story. :)

  3. If you know a smoker, make a paste with tobacco ashes and a little oil (coconut or olive) and rub it gently in until the stain fades. I have the table my father gave my mother when he couldn't afford an engagement ring. That was in 1934. It served as the diningroom table for most of my growing up. So it had many battle scars from we four children!! They are all solved by that "magic potion"! From Rosey to Posey


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