Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In Search of Snow

Despite the mild weather, we went on a quest for snow in our neighboring Angeles National Forest. We headed up the reopened 2 highway until we were just outside of Waterman. We stopped by the side of the road where the powdery snow dusted the landscape and went for a hike.

He doesn't remember his last trip to the snow. He was a baby, I held in my arms, without speech. He had a lot to say about it this time, including "I just got an idea in my brain! Let's build a snowman."

Angels were made. Hills were slid on bottoms.

I suspect we will be back as the season progresses.


  1. So sweet. The little angels making angels. :)

    I can't believe there's snow at Waterman! It is one of the only two places I've ever skied in my life. Memories...

  2. I've only snowboarded at Waterman, myself. Funny, my sons may actually be snow people. Eric and I are not really so much, but we were discussing the possibilities of taking (older) sons (years from now) to the slopes whilst we snuggle in the lodge sipping hot drinks. Not bad for a non-skiier. I might just have to fashion ourselves some fake casts to wear next to the fire.


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