Thursday, November 10, 2011

Possum Poop vs. Dog

Can there really be a victor? The possum left it's tell-tale legacy in the yard. Trudy ventured out early, rolled in it & slid back into the house. I was in the kitchen, farthest away from the stink. My four year old waltzed through the living room into the kitchen clutching his nose, "What is that terrible smell?'

"What smell?" I asked as I walked into the living room and was hit with a wall of fetid nastiness.

Dog out. Washed. Washed again. Allowed back inside and documented with a photo.


  1. and why is she looking at you like you took away her favorite toy??

  2. She and the possum have a complex relationship. Nothing thrills Trudy more deeply than a possum on the fence at dusk. Trudy will race out & corner the poor critter, frozen in terror, while Trudy leaps and barks at it. Rolling in the possum's own poop would have helped her have a more stealth approach and given her an advantage on her lifelong dream of capturing it.

    And, yet, I ruined it all with lavender & primrose soothing scalp shampoo, instead of her own style of shampoop.


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