Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tiny Deaths

Carrion discovery date & location:
Skunk, 10/25/11, east side of Arroyo Seco creek, south of Colorado Street Bridge.
Rat, 11/11/11, Huntington Gardens, east of Lily Ponds at the base of the fir trees.


  1. Thanks for sharing these images from the cycle of life. Very appropriate for this time of year. The rat no doubt died of poison, but any idea what took the skunk?

  2. I'm not sure about the skunk. My sons and I observed it for quite some time and discussed some theories. It is a very young skunk and was found by a foot path, so a car seems unlikely. The nearest road is up a rather steep ascent probably 35 feet (if you went straight up) or 500 feet (if you took the foot path).

    But it also wasn't eaten. Usually a coyote (present in the area & a suspect in all deaths) will eat it's kill.

    In the second picture, you can see a protrusion most likely it's intestines, on the left. Small carts (like the little Gators) are used by Pasadena park maintenance crews, but they aren't abundant. There is a chance that the skunk was hit by a cart, but I imagine maintenance would clean it up.

    The skunk's end is definitely a mystery to me.

  3. So interesting. Thanks for sharing!


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