Monday, January 30, 2012

Double Dog Skunking

Photo by my four year old son

Morning plans slightly altered after Miss Trudy paraded into the house with a tell-tale stink lagging two seconds behind her darting body. I fished her out from under my bed, tethered her outside for a cleaning only to find Miss Moxie also played a part in the skunk debacle. In fact, she took more of the spray than Trudy did.

Skunk spray remedy applied (miraculous, really). Dogs de-skunked. The big upside is now we have two clean dogs. Dog wash was on my to do list but much lower. Not so bad to make it a priority.

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  1. Pretty much the same remedy I use, and oooooh buddy does it work! If you have a white dog, there's the added bonus that they're really sparkling white afterward. :)


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