Monday, January 23, 2012

Give a Kid a Shredder

Or at least let the kid be the one to run the food processor and fun will be had. My youngest son and I spent some time on Friday shredding golden beets, red cabbage, carrots, celery, ginger, garlic and lemon for fermenting.

I am amazed how long my son will stay in the kitchen so long as a food processor is being used. Only two days have passed and the vegetables already give off the tangy smell of fermentation.

On Saturday, we logged more kitchen hours baking dark chocolate chip cookies as the rain came down and the fire burned all day in the fireplace. The weather report says a chance of rain tomorrow. We're prepared with firewood & more cookie dough if necessary.


  1. Ooh we were just reading about pickling and fermentation in our Urban Homestead book. I may have some questions for you next time we meet! :)

  2. Are you making Kimchi? Looks exciting!

  3. Mel, yes!

    Nicole Hitchcock, just fermented vegetables. It comes out kind of kimchi-esque. But this combination makes the most delicious condiment for tacos. Rocks my world. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. A few more days & it will be ready.

    Paula, it was fun. The little man & I needed some project time together. He likes to pull up a stool & say, How can I help?


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