Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

2012 looks good already when you get to ring it in with your favorite summer time Alaska cousins/pals out visiting for the holidays. The Goodyear blimp flies over the home.

We meander to Pasadena where the not so Stealth Bomber flies over the Rose Parade route.

Tall beloved cousins lend a shoulder for a good view of the parade.

Floats abound, including a stellar representation from Ramshackle favorite the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum. I love a float that makes good use of brussel sprouts for T-Rex flanks and artichokes for the landscape. I was read to pluck and broil those puppies before they made the t.v. documented turn onto Colorado Boulevard.

And the Occupy movement even gets a blessing to follow behind the sanctified parade carrying their own stunning spider float made from garbage bags.

Welcome 2012! Happy new year!

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