Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Life as Bench for Salvaged Coffee Table

I have been keeping my eyes glued to the curb and garage sales in search of a coffee table I could transform into a bench for the tent for a long time. I want something that will mainly operate as a bench with a custom cushion (to be sewn later), but could easily do double duty as an art table or Japanese style seating table for casual eating for kids and game adults. Something sturdy and decent looking, but not too nice, so it still makes sense for the kids to paint on it & use it roughly as necessary.

Driving to school one day, I saw this inlayed wood table along the side of the road and felt it would do. I pulled over & popped her into the wagon. I quickly sanded it and not so quickly finished it. I used a couple of coats of Watco teak oil. I have yet to sew a cushion for it, although I acquired a piece of salvaged foam from the local upholstery shop. I've never sewn a big cushion with a zipper before & I'm a bit intimidated. But I know I will. Often the urge will whip down like a tidal wave of ambition dwarfing the fear and I find myself just pushing through the project and learning as I go.


  1. Good find! Unfortunately for us in Wisconsin, we can be given a citation for stopping and picking up things out at someone's curb. :(

    1. Bummer. In California, we are given a citation for crawling into the windows of other people's home and taking their furniture. Curbside, however, is fair game.


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